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70                                        FLORA   INDICA.
1C. Mr. Simon's Assam and Khasia collections consist of
numerous and well-preserved specimens.
17.  Mr. Law's very valuable and extensive collections from
Bombay, Tanna, Dhanvar, and  "Belgaum  contain probably
about 1500 species.
18.  Mr. Dalzcll's extensive collections from the southern
Concan and Canara, many of which have been published by
him in a valuable series of papers printed in the * London
Journal of Botany/
19.  Mr. Gibson's rich herbarium, chiefly collected in the
Concan and Dekhan.
20.  A few Bombay plants, from Mr. Ninnuo.
21. Dr. Stocks* s extremely valuable collections from Sind
and Beluchistan, amounting to about 1500 species.
22.  Captain R. Strachey and Mr. Winterbottom's magni-
ficent herbarium, already described.
23. The Countess of Dalhousic's extensive Simla collection,
formed when the late Earl of Dalhousie was Oomnuinder-in-
Chicf.    Also, a small Penang collection by the same lady.
24*. Major Madden's Simla and Kimiaon plants: numerous
and excellent specimens.
25.  Jacqucmont's superb collections already alluded to.
26.  Major Vicary's small  but very valuable herbarium,
containing many scarce plants from Gornkpur, the Punjab,
Pcshawer, Sind, etc.
27. Mr. Eclgcworth's collections made since his return to
India iix 1847; these contain his BandelkmiA plants, and a
very complete Multau herbarium -, also some of liiť Hima-
layan plants published in the Limicau Society's TranHactiouft.
28.  Captain Simpson's Simla and Khasia plaute, presented
by the late Mr. Fielding.
29. Mr. Wintcrbottom's valuable and beautifully preserved
herbarium from Kashmir, Balti, Hasora, and Gilgit: it con~*
tains excellent specimens and much novelty*
30. A small miscellaneous collection from Colonel Muuxo.
81.  Dr. Fleming's interesting collection from the Salt-